What makes me shine.

Getting to know all about me!


Hi all!

Don’t we all have that one thing we are really great at that makes us shine? Maybe you have more than one twinkle that makes you sparkle. I know that over the past few years I have found myself more and more. Now that I know what I know and what makes me SHINE, I am going to share it so that others will have the opportunity to learn from my challenges, mistakes and realizations. I’m going to introduce myself and tell you a bit about what makes me shine.

I am first a mom. Motherhood has not made me shine. Motherhood has in fact humbled me. Motherhood has brought this strong and courageous woman to her knees begging for mercy. I am human. I am not a perfect mom but I am a mom that tries.

I am also a wife. I have a loving husband who has only shown caring and devotion to my children.

What makes me shine is my veterinary technician skills. I made a career out of most people’s life long dream. I helped pets in healing and in passing. My passion for the job has not gone. I was very good at the technical skills. I completely lacked in the tact and communication department. I have set out to change that not only for myself, but for many people who need this kind of help in the veterinary field.

Every one of us, as humans, has said or done the wrong thing and made someone around us feel less than their worth. I want to change how often that happens.